Family Mentoring Program

Families of children with neuroblastoma are all too familiar with the confusion, chaos, and hopelessness upon learning of their child’s diagnosis. For many, one of the first questions they ask is ‘Who can I speak with to help me understand what comes next?

The purpose of the mentoring program is to bring together Canadian neuroblastoma families – connecting families that have experienced the neuroblastoma journey with those families who have recently entered the world of neuroblastoma. It will also aim to help neuroblastoma families find others who are in treatment at the same time.

The overall goal of the mentoring program is to team up neuroblastoma families so that they are able to share experiences, provide support, and give comfort to one another. Neuroblastoma Canada will help families to establish a connection, and then it will then be up to them to decide how they would like to communicate with one another – by email, phone, and/or in person.

It is important to note that this mentorship program should be viewed as additional support provided outside of the hospital and your medical team. Treatment options and all health matters should always be discussed with your medical team.

Any information provided to Neuroblastoma Canada will be held within the strictest confidence. You information will only be shared with your express and written permission. The limited personal information that we will ask for will not be used for any other purpose but the mentoring program. You may also withdraw your participation at any time.

If you would like to find a mentor, or be a mentor to a newly diagnosed family, please contact us.

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