International Neuroblastoma Awareness Week

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This week is is International Neuroblastoma Awareness Week.  Neuroblastoma cancer is frequently called “rare”, but it is not.  Neuroblastoma cancer is often called an “orphan disease”, but it is not.  Pediatric cancer does not happen to the same prevalence as adult cancers, but does that matter?  None of these things should stop us in our quest to find a cure for pediatric cancers, to find a cure for neuroblastoma.

Dr. David Malkin of the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario and the Hospital for Sick Children made a very important and poignant comment about pediatric cancers that should be carefully considered:

“Childhood cancer is still rare, but the number of years survivors potentially have ahead of them mean their impact on the economy and society is equivalent to that of the much more numerous breast-cancer survivors, said David Malkin, medical director of the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO). While 60-65% of child patients survived cancer a generation ago, the rate is now 80-85%, he said” (National Post, September 2011).

And it is not only the impact on the economy and society.  It is also the impact on the family unit as a whole, the siblings, the extended family — the social and emotional impact of pediatric cancer.  It exacts a great toll that can be felt for a lifetime.

For more information about this initiative, please see the Facebook page for the International Neuroblastoma Awareness Week. You can also follow this initiative on Twitter.

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