Funding for Neuroblastoma Research Announced by the Canadian Cancer Society

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On April 27th, The Canadian Cancer Society announced funding for 52 new research projects. One project, headed by SickKids Oncologist Dr. Meredith Irwin, has been given over $430,000 to examine different treatment options for neuroblastoma cancer. This research intends to focus on the two following areas (quoted from the press release):

  • “They will study the various genes and proteins involved in killing neuroblastoma cells and try to determine how to activate these “death pathways”.
  • They will also study neuroblastoma cells that have spread to the bone marrow and try to understand how they are different from other neuroblastoma tumour cells that have spread to other locations in the body. Using this information, they will test drugs already used in other diseases to see if they can specifically kill neuroblastoma cells in the bone marrow, the most frequent site to which the disease spreads.”

Dr. Irwin is interviewed by the Canadian Cancer Society:

The press release from the Canadian Cancer Society describes the research initiative in some further detail.

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