Current and Future Strategies for Relapsed Neuroblastoma

July 19th, 2013   |   Posted in Relapse, Treatment   |   By: Antonia Palmer   |   1 comment

Navigating the options available for relapsed treatment is incredibly difficult and is done without a set of established and well-entrenched guidelines.


International Neuroblastoma Awareness Week

June 10th, 2013   |   Posted in Awareness   |   By: Antonia Palmer   |   0 comments

June 10-19, 2013 is International Neuroblastoma Awareness Week. A week dedicated to raise awareness about neuroblastoma cancer around the world.


COG 2013 Blueprint for Neuroblastoma Research

April 14th, 2013   |   Posted in Research, Treatment   |   By: Antonia Palmer   |   2 comments

In 2012, the Children’s Oncology Group (COG) Neuroblastoma Committee documented the important current and future research being done to further understand this perplexing disease.


Advances in Neuroblastoma Research Conference (ANR 2012) – Invitation to the Parent Symposium and Reception

May 8th, 2012   |   Posted in ANR 2012, Research   |   By: Antonia Palmer   |   2 comments

On June 19th, there will be a Parent Symposium and Reception where attendees will be able to engage in small round-table discussions with experts and specialists on a number of different topics.


Telomerase Inhibition

March 10th, 2011   |   Posted in Treatment   |   By: Antonia Palmer   |   0 comments

Looking deeper into the workings of the cell may help to reveal another piece of the neuroblastoma puzzle and could reveal a promising therapy for treating the disease.


Citrus Quinoa Salad with Almonds, Mango and Goji Berries

February 6th, 2011   |   Posted in Wellness   |   By: Rachael Palmer   |   1 comment

Quinoa is the seed of a leafy plant that has more protein and calcium than milk. This salad is good for the heart, soul, and stomach.


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