Garron Family Donates $30 Million to SickKids

October 26th, 2010   |   Posted in News   |   By: Antonia Palmer   |   0 comments

Copyright: Hospital for Sick Children, 2010

SickKids Hospital announced a $30 million dollar donation from the Garron Family to support paediatric cancer and research.  The donation will establish the “Garron Family Cancer Centre” at SickKids Hospital in Toronto, Ontario.  $13 million will fund four new research chairs and hire two clinical scientists, $10 million will fund priority programs (such as MIBG Therapy Suites), and $7 million will fund the “Cancer, Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Neighbourhood” in the new SickKids Research and Learning Tower that is currently under construction.  It is said that this is the largest donation in the history of North America targeted to fund paediatric cancer.

Doctors at SickKids were working on a proposal to begin offering MIBG Therapy in 2012; however, this donation will bring MIBG Therapy to Toronto a full year earlier than expected.  This beautiful act of philanthropy is truly marvelous and “transformative” for SickKids Hospital and paediatric cancer.

There is only immense gratitude that can be felt for the Garron Family.  Thank you.

Read more on the Globe and Mail website, Toronto Star website, and from SickKids Hospital.

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